The Cake, Cape Fear Regional Theater

“CFRT’s The Cake is a recipe for great theatre!”

“All four actors delivered performances that did justice to Brunstetter’s finely-tuned words.”

Giannone [was] strong as the couple whose union sets off controversy… Giannone’s Jen is torn between her conservative upbringing and the new lifestyle she has come to embrace.”


The Cake is an entertaining and touching look at how people can disagree and still treat each other with respect and love.”

Giannone bring[s] vulnerability to a couple who want to love and be loved.”



subUrbia, 5th Floor Theatre Co.

"SUBURBIA returns to Manhattan!"

-Broadway World


A Midsummer Night's Dream, Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre

*Nominated alongside Judi Dench for a FALSTAFF AWARD in the category of Best Supporting Performance.

"Jessica Giannone is remarkable as an increasingly flustered Helena." 

-Chris Evalgelista, Geekadelphia

"Until one spellbinding scene in Act Two, there was almost certainly not enough of the young foursome that anchors the bulk of Shakespeare's whimsical plot. Jenna Kuerzi's Hermia and Jessica Giannone's Helena scratched and clawed like alley cats.... Without any sense of silly slapstick or cheap humor, these young actors delighted with their emotion-laden expressions of Shakespeare's quick-witted poetry, delivered by Kuerzi and Giannone's excellent portrayals and clear voices."

-Jim Rutter, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Jessica Giannone gives the lovelorn Helena a hilariously manic intensity in her quest to manhandle Demetrius into returning her love, which makes her showdown with Hermia (Jenna Kuerzi) in III.2 that much funnier: it is not a lack of physical ability or maidenly shyness that prevents her from fighting, but a (completely reasonable) terror of Hermia's berserk mode. But when the two are not fighting over betrayal or short jokes, Giannone and Kuerzi have a warm and natural chemistry that nicely sets their friendship apart from the torrid state of their romantic relationships."

-Jennifer Kramer, Play Shakespeare, ★★★★★ 


The Inn at Lake Devine, Tongue in Cheek Theatre

"Jessica Giannone and Tony Wolf take on multiple roles and have great comedic timing as well as song and dance skills."

-Theatre Is Easy


Jez Butterworth's The River, The Tobacco Factory Theatre (UK)

"Finally and too briefly, we meet "Another Woman," (the last), Jessica Giannone, who's arrival echoes her predecessors' relationship with The Man and presages the likely outcome for herself: also, A simple story well-spiced with edginess." ★★★★ 

"At the end we hear, hauntingly and beautifully sung, Yeats' Song of the Wandering Aengus.

-Stage Talk Magazine, ★★★★ 

Screen shot 2017-07-26 at 12.25.38 AM.png

The Winter's Tale, The Tobacco Factory Theatre (UK)

"Jessica Giannone as Hermione's loyal friend Paulina, is equally impressive, particularly when she confronts Leontes directly, scornfully mocking his 'weak-hinged fancy." 

-Stage Talk Magazine, ★★★★ 

"Jessica Giannone displayed a plucky and brave Paulina and was moving in her speech about Hermione's death.", ★★★★ 

 "Jessica Giannone's loyal Paulina was equally passionate in her defense of her innocent Queen." 

-Bristol Post



Graduate Acting Showcase, The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School 

"As the number resolves, Jessica Giannone stumbles off a chair and begins her monologue from Leslye Headland's Assistance. As Jenny, Giannone makes a convincing drunk, pitching the comedy slurring at just the right levels. At first glance, this piece is all about broad humour, but there are self-esteem issues present, which the actor astutely employs to give the scene greater depth. In Neil LaBute's Reasons to Be Petty, we see a nice contrast with Giannone... She negotiates the argument with a gentle insistence creating an immediacy to the dialogue that does credit to both performers."

-THE STAGE (London)


Marie Christine (1st Revival), 3LD

"... marks the first time the musical has been produced in the U.S. since its 1999 Broadway debut at Lincoln Center Theater."



Agatha Christie's The Verdict, The Heights Players

"Helen Rollandar was brilliantly brought to life by Jessica Giannone."

-Brooklyn Daily Eagle

"Jessica Giannone's portrayal of the superficially sweet, pretty, and delusional Helen Rollander is totally convincing."


As You Like It & The Tempest, The Green Theatre Collective

"Jessica Giannone as Rosalind matches Orlando's at first sight passion with her own, and holds it through the hilarious scene where she entrains him in her Ganymede disguise to woo her in the forest "as if I were your Rosalind"; she also plays Audrey, a country girl, with a country style."

"I wanted to say how clear, crystal clear, the performances were, especially with actors doubling in and out like you guys do. It was so cool to watch the play unwind in front of that windmill, and to hear such famous speeches out your mouths like no one had ever said them before.  So this is just one guy, who wandered in on the recommendation of a neighbor and wandered out very, very, very happy, saying thanks." 

-Robert Krulwich, NPR's Radiolab

"The naturalism of the production makes the play very close, clear and immediate.  Never has Prospero’s isle seemed more magical.  Never has being outside, and near the actors, seemed more essential to the full experience of theater — except, that is, for last summer, when this talented group of strolling players in this same venue produced an unforgettable As You Like It.

Jessica Giannone plays and sings the ubiquitous Ariel.

I felt what theater at its best can make you feel — exhilarated and enlarged.  I thought — and think — I’m lucky to have seen Green Theatre Collective’s The Tempest


Torchbearing Ladies, The Workshop at Williamstown Theatre Festival

"Your honesty, perception, charm, and generosity were overwhelming. What you did is one of the main reasons old war horses like me keep coming back to Williamstown. You give us hope for the future. Love, E.H."

-Edward Hermann


Carousel, SCAD, The Lucas Theatre

"No weak links... This show promises a unique experience."

"The show’'s principal stars [are] Jessica Giannone and Will Mobley." 

-Connect Savannah