Our Bar "Season 10"

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Happy 10th Anniversary to OUR BAR! I’ve been part of this artistic family for over a year now and feel pretty special to be part of this special show.

Have a read of the article in American Theatre here.

Our Bar (created by Jessi Blue Gormezano, Joe Jung, and Jennifer Logue) is celebrating a milestone of dive-theater, alcohol-soaked entertainment for less than a shot and a beer as it enters into its 10th Season!

Throughout the years, Our Bar has explored almost every situation imaginable. It is bizarre as it is sincere, bawdy as it is biting. There have been succubuses, centaurs, mole people; even a human-squid hybrid with a penchant for pranks. There have been marriage proposals, saved friendships, unrequited loves, and, yes, an actual Irish Wake. Countless characters have downed dozens of beers, while whiskeys have been lifted for toasts and splashed into faces in equal measure.

November 7th 2018 will be no exception as Our Bar rages into its next decade.”